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Princess Tutu Returns

Hi everyone!!
Im here with a new story.I may not cut off some of the story like I should ,because I don't know how to ,so please tell me before I post anymore.I would really like to get more veiwers ,so tell your friends about me.Hehe;)

Once upon a time, there lived a duck and a knight. They both lived in harmony in a shack by a pond. They were both happy, so they thought.
The poor little duck wanted something and wanted it more than anything else.
What did she desire the most?
A new story is unfolding.
Ahiru sat in the pond next to the deck where Fakir would sit down in a chair and write his stories all day. But today he wasn’t here.Ahiru thought back to yesterday when Fakir told her he was going to be gone the next day because of school.
    “Ahiru don’t get mad. It’s only going to be for a few hours and then Ill come right back home. I promise.”
    “Quack Quack? But why can’t I come with you Fakir?”
   “And no you can’t come with me. You could be crushed by all of the people running around. And they don’t allow pe…….animals on campus even though you’re a duck.
Ahiru caught what he said, but pushed it aside for now.
 “Please Fakir! I promise I’ll be careful.”Ahiru argued.
 “I’ll see you when I get back from school tomorrow. I’ll even buy you something on the way back. I promise.
 She thought about her school and her friends. Memories came rushing back to of her school days. She really wanted to be human again. It was really fun being Princess Tutu. She would always feel special when see transformed. It was like she was gliding all the time she was Princess Tutu.
    “I wish I could be Ahiru again. It’s no fun being a duck.”Ahiru thought to herself
    “You can you know.” Said a voice.
Ahiru stared up at the sky, but no one was there.
Who was it?


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