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Princess Tutu Returns

Hi everyone!!
Im here with a new story.I may not cut off some of the story like I should ,because I don't know how to ,so please tell me before I post anymore.I would really like to get more veiwers ,so tell your friends about me.Hehe;)

Once upon a time, there lived a duck and a knight. They both lived in harmony in a shack by a pond. They were both happy, so they thought.
The poor little duck wanted something and wanted it more than anything else.
What did she desire the most?
A new story is unfolding.
Ahiru sat in the pond next to the deck where Fakir would sit down in a chair and write his stories all day. But today he wasn’t here.Ahiru thought back to yesterday when Fakir told her he was going to be gone the next day because of school.
    “Ahiru don’t get mad. It’s only going to be for a few hours and then Ill come right back home. I promise.”
    “Quack Quack? But why can’t I come with you Fakir?”
   “And no you can’t come with me. You could be crushed by all of the people running around. And they don’t allow pe…….animals on campus even though you’re a duck.
Ahiru caught what he said, but pushed it aside for now.
 “Please Fakir! I promise I’ll be careful.”Ahiru argued.
 “I’ll see you when I get back from school tomorrow. I’ll even buy you something on the way back. I promise.
 She thought about her school and her friends. Memories came rushing back to of her school days. She really wanted to be human again. It was really fun being Princess Tutu. She would always feel special when see transformed. It was like she was gliding all the time she was Princess Tutu.
    “I wish I could be Ahiru again. It’s no fun being a duck.”Ahiru thought to herself
    “You can you know.” Said a voice.
Ahiru stared up at the sky, but no one was there.
Who was it?


Here are some of my favorite songs that I love to listen to.I just love this stuff.I'm sorry I didn't put this all under a cut ,because I didn't know how to do that.If you could tell me, that would be great.;)

Ring Your Song
Now we've come so far from darkness
And we'll never be apart
So we leave for tomorrow
To start our lives again

Find me there my tiny feathers
Of my holy ancient days
You will calm all my sadness
And sing your song only for me

Find me there my tiny feathers
Of my holy ancient days
I will calm all your sadness
And sing my song only for you

For you
A song of storm and Fire
Kire kagima saibastia

Kiweta i adora i amena i adesta
Asora i adora i asora i yamasa
Idita dora

Kasa melistora
Imeta li aora
I kasa melindora
Ilyia iya

Kasa melistora
Imeta li aora
I kasa melindora

Kire kagima saibastia
Inaria miamenta
Asora ita saibastia
Imilia iyasii iya

Kiweta ita saibastia
Inaria miamenta
Asora ita saibastia
Imilia iyasii

Kasa melistora
Imeta i aora
Kasa melistora
I kasa melindora

Enter the scenery of love
lovers are in pain
they blame and pick on each other
you play melodies of love
forgotten phrases
tender and sweet

Come a little bit closer
don't stay in the shadows my boy
(la la la la la la la)
the melody's fading.....
now or never, love will go

I'll be there by your side
share your fears in the silent redemption
touch my lips, hold me tight
live in vanity for a while

As winter melts in the sun
boys will be out running and reaching for the light
oh mother please find me in that place
before the memories tear us into pieces

Clinging to affection, we somehow do learn to live
(la la la la la la la)
in endless motion
never coming back, love will go

you'll be there by my side
you may never know my devotion
feel my breath in the quiet night
live in vanity for ever

won't you feel my gentle emotion
let us live in peace with conviction
if you're here please hold me.....
You are my Love (English Version)
Kiss me sweet
I'm sleeping in silence
All alone
In ice and snow

In my dream
I'm calling your name
You are my love

In your eyes
I search for my memory
Lost in vain
So far in the scenery
Hold me tight,
And swear again and again
We'll never be apart

If you could touch my feathers softly
I'll give you my love
We set sail in the darkness of the night
Out to the sea
To find me there
To find you there
Love me now
If you dare...

Kiss me sweet
I'm sleeping in sorrow
All alone
To see you tomorrow

In my dream
I'm calling your name
You are my love...
My love...

What happen's next?

Hi eveerybody!!!
I'm doing a story or a continuation to Spirited away.It seems I have not been getting any comments so I'm asking you all to help me to finish this story by giving me ideas for the story.You can read what Ive written so far by going to my profile.Your ideas may or may not be used,but don't be affended.Your idea that I did not use may be used in one of my other storys.If you like you can even write your own story.See ya!!!!;)


Hi everybody,
I'm here to tell you that I'm new at this so I might not get this the first time our so.If you could help me get my commuity started by posting stuff like fanfics of love stories of anime ,then that would be great.You could even post amvs  and picture if it is mature for others to watch.As long as it has something to do with a love story then your welcome to post anything.



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